The ESCP Europe/Cobden Centre Colloquium on Sound Money

ESCP EuropeThrough tomorrow and Saturday, ESCP Europe and The Cobden Centre are hosting a Colloquium on Sound Money. The Colloquium is to be directed by Founding Fellow Dr Anthony J Evans and chaired by Corporate Affairs Director, Steve Baker.

A team of academics, banking professionals, entrepreneurs and politicians will meet to discuss:

  1. What is Money?
  2. The Interest Rate and Intertemporal Coordination
  3. The Gold Standard and the Great Depression
  4. Deflation and Prosperity
  5. Free Banking vs 100% Reserves
  6. Central Banking
  7. Proposals for Reform

The authors whose work will be under consideration are Carl Menger, Joseph Salerno, Frank Shostak, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich A Hayek, Joan and Richard James Sweeney, Murray Rothbard, Lawrence Reed, Lawrence H White, George Selgin, Vera Smith, Tim Congdon, Richard Salsman and Jesús Huerta de Soto.

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