Steve Baker Elected as Conservative MP for Wycombe

As I write, there is still some constitutional confusion about whether Gordon Brown of the Labour Party will leave Downing Street, with some seats still left to declare, and whether David Cameron of the Conservative Party can successfully form the next government.

However, despite the likely ‘Hung Parliament’, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve Baker, one of the founders of the Cobden Centre, for his tremendous victory in the Wycombe constituency, last night, with a majority of 9,560.

Well done, Steve!


  • An excellent achievement indeed. Well done Steve!

  • Steven Baker says:

    Thank you!

  • Jock Coats says:

    Was with one of your “new” colleagues on Friday at a lecture at All Souls College on the debt situation (so you can probably guess whom) and asked “any chance of monetary reform then?”. He smiled and shook his head. So I hope you can persuade them!

  • Tom Burroughes says:

    Terrific news. Now honest money has a serious champion in the House. That role used to be held by the late Nick Budgen.

    Well done!

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