4 comments to Evidence to Independent Commission on Banking

  • waramess

    A wave of sanity in an ocean of insanity. We are in the madhouse however where the inmates all have vested interests. What chance is there that such clear logical thinking can prevail?

    I shall not be holding my breath

  • Jamie Walton

    Many thanks are due to John Tomlinson who has done so much homework and been a strong voice of and for reason for many years on this most important and most misunderstood topic: monetary reform.

    We must all work to educate ourselves to be effective in making positive action happen. The members of the Commission may be placed under significant lobbying pressures by the vested interests of the status quo and will be more encouraged to reach rational and moral conclusions and recommendations with an influential groundswell of support for effective structural reform of the monetary and banking system.

  • Toby Greene

    So the state is to become the main holder of peoples mortgages? This does not sound too sensible to me.

  • John,

    I sincerely hope that we are not alone in being the only ones to convey fundamental challenges to banking to the ICB.

    My own submission to the ICB is published below:

    I have not fully read your submission yet, but certainly plan to do this as well as obtain your book “Honest Money”. On first glance it does appear along the lines of the argument put forward by Frederick Soddy in “Wealth, Virtual Wealth & Debt” which is an outstanding piece of economic & financial sense is a sea of obfuscation.

    Although I fully agree with this view, my submission attacks the current practise of securitisation by using the banking establishment’s own arguments and evidence against it.

    I’d welcome any comments or feedback.