Video: Detlev Schlichter on 'Paper Money Collapse'

At the tail end of Brian Micklethwait’s interview with Detlev Schlichter, on Cobden Centre Radio the other day, a video is mentioned in which Herr Schlichter expounds in detail upon his rationale and strategy behind his upcoming book, Paper Money Collapse – The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown, which will be published soon by John Wiley & Sons.

I never knew YouTube videos could run so long, but if you’re hard-core cadre and you have a spare fifty seven minutes to fill at some point over the weekend, I thought you might want to watch this video, which includes a short introduction by the redoubtable David McDonagh, of the Libertarian Alliance, and an extensive post-talk debate which takes the video out to one hour and forty-five minutes.

Look out for the Jan Lester joke, at about ninety-one minutes, from the author of Escape From Leviathan.

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