TCC media moves from second to third gear

Over recent months, TCC’s media profile has gone from strength to strength – with this list of media hits just scratching the surface.

Today, the organisation and its network of voices (board members, senior fellows and advisory board members) are increasingly to be found on the BBC or in such newspapers as the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph. As TCC’s scholarly reputation grows so does its media profile and impact.

This is why I have no doubt that our voices will soon be heard not only in more specialised and esoteric outlets but importantly in ones with much greater mass appeal. If TCC’s media strategy was a motorcar then in recent months it has transitioned from second to third gear. If things go as planned next year will see us move into fourth. In this context, I say: BBC Newsnight, Daily Mail and the Mirror – bring it on!


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  • Tom Burroughes says:

    Very gratifying all round. I count it an honour to be involved.

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