Austrian School Seminar

Every couple of weeks, The Cobden Centre (TCC) hosts at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) a reading circle for under and post-graduate students called the Austrian School Seminar.

Organised by TCC’s Education Network Executive Director, Sam Bowman, the purpose is to encourage participants to do Austrian-related work in their fields and to form a cadre that over time will help to promote Austrian thought in academia. While the group’s members are primarily sought because of their interest in pursuing academic careers in the humanities and social sciences, if you would like to get involved let Sam know by contacting emailing him here.

Concerning the vision of the TCC’s Austrian School Seminar Sam says: “My ultimate aim is for the group to read Murray Rothbard’s seminar book, Man, Economy and State. This will give members of the group the firm foundations in Austrian economic thought, which will have practical benefits for students attending the group and can be applied in their academic work. It will also provide a foundation for further study and discussion of the Austrian school. This reading group will offer students the chance to develop their knowledge of Austrian economics and at the same time produce a group of dedicated, enthusiastic proponents of liberty who can spread their ideas. If the first year proves successful, it can be recreated in other British cities and universities under the auspices of TCC, and help to create a new generation of Austrian scholars in British academia”.

The first Cobden Centre Education Network’s Austrian study seminar will be held on Tuesday 22nd June at 6pm. The meeting will last for approximately two hours and be a discussion of the group and the reading that we have done for this week.

The venue will be the Institute for Economic Affairs, 2 Lord North Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3LB. You can view a Google Map of the location here.

In advance of this meeting, please read the introduction and preface to the book we will be reading over the course of the seminars: Man, Economy and State by Murray Rothbard. The full .pdf of Man, Economy and State is available for download here.

We will meet every two weeks to discuss the reading that we have done in our own time, which will add up to around 200 pages every two weeks. The second meeting will take place on the 6th of July with additional meetings taking place roughly every two weeks.

Please RSVP to confirm attendance by emailing Sam at All are welcome