Peter Schiff, the Austrian School Economist who Predicted the Great Meltdown

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For our largely UK based audience, you may or may not have heard of Peter Schiff, investor and Austrian School economist. We are told by the political class and the ranks of their economist spin merchants that nobody could have predicted the crash, it was all out of our control, it was worldwide unstable capitalism imploding, that will need more regulation by us, it was nothing to do with us honest guv!

Peter was on record with a different view. His You Tube record is sensational but of course a great shame on all those who did not listen.

See also these You Tube clips.

This is a fantastic in depth talk Peter gave last year to Mises Institute.

I hope you enjoy!

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4 replies on “Peter Schiff, the Austrian School Economist who Predicted the Great Meltdown”
  1. says: Jack Maturin

    If anyone becomes a newly enfranchished Peter Schiff fan, after watching the above YouTubes, you should try this ‘official’ channel too:


    The Duke of Connecticut generally posts approximately every two or three days, with views on the latest financial developments in the US economy, plus much more, including comment on the Pound, whenever its fall is particularly spectacular in any particular week.

    I try to write brief descriptions on all of these video blogs, as they come out, here:


    You should also listen to his weekly one-hour radio show, in which he takes calls, including occasional international calls from the UK. Radio show and podcast download details, here:

    => (for the live shows)
    => (for recordings and iTunes podcasts)

    (Because of his current political commitments, these shows are sometimes run by other traders and brokers working for him, or his brother, Andrew Schiff, but they’re still worth listening to.)

    Most of these one-hour radio shows also turn up on YouTube, on Mr Schiff’s second official channel:


  2. Thank you Jack, all of this is much appreciated indeed. We do not have mush exposure to this kind of content this side of the water. A very good addition.

  3. says: John

    Peter Schiff is a legend. I first found out about him a year ago and have been following him ever since – in fact, he’s running for US Senate this year!

    Regardless of whether he wins or not (since most people are still asleep) I think he should run for president in 2012, simply to wake up people and spread the message of liberty, sound money and common sense. This is what happened in 2008 with Ron Paul’s campaign and I’m sure if more Austrians run in 2012 the message will continue to spread and grow in strength.

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