Thomas Moore and the Bullionist Controversy

It is with great pleasure that whilst looking into the “Bullionist Controversy”, when there was a move to get England back to having a commodity money rather than paper claims in the 1820’s, I found these very clever and witty economic poems by the poet Thomas Moore. There are well worth a read, the odd one every day or so, and they are all collected here on the link.  All the ones on Public Debt could be written today. The Corn Law collection  reminds us of the need always to support free trade to ensure lowest prices for all and not allow price gougers to exist at the expense of the masses. The Bullionist collection reminds us that as a commodity, money, can not be used by governments at the expense of an unsuspecting people . It is also a reminder that commodity money served our ancestors well and honestly and could well do so again. The poem entitled “An Incantation: Sung by the Bubble Spirit” reminds us of the power of ex nihilo credit creation to cause economic mischief and chaos!

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