The Austrian Theory of Boom and Bust with Lawrence H. White

Professor Lawrence H. White from George Mason University explains the Austrian theory of the boom and bust over three linked YouTube videos produced by EconStories, by discussing the position he thinks Hayek would have taken if he had still been around today:

  1. Fear the Boom
  2. The Bust
  3. The Cluster of Errors

For those interested in the production of the original Keynes vs. Hayek rap used in the three above videos, here is John Papola, co-producer of “Fear the Boom and Bust,” explaining his production of that original video at the 2010 Austrian Scholars Conference, held in Auburn, Alabama:

[I’ll be very interested to see if Mr Papola does indeed eventually make the ‘Bastiat Window’ video that he promises to look at, in the above YouTube.]

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