Something for the Weekend: Taming the Vampire Squid

As Murray Rothbard said in Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty, we must discover who are friends and allies are, as well as our enemies, even if it is just within some segments of their orientation rather than the whole package.

So although I am an Austrian and I am entirely opposed to the overall technocratic, collectivist, and statist aims of the New Economics Foundation — the producers of the entertaining video above — it is good to see that the intrinsically Austrian message about our broken corporatist financial system has spread so far beyond we few, we happy few, we usual band of suspects within the movement for true economics.

The ‘someone’ mentioned at the start of video, who established the analogy of the vampire squid, is Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, but it’s a catchy term. Sean Corrigan referred to the vampire squid in his piece from two years ago on banking contractual law, and James Tyler used it again in his recent article on the banking system.

Whoever provided the immediate inspiration, I must applaud the producers of the above video for their excellent audacity.

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