Mike Haywood’s “Global Banking Crisis Digest”

Word reaches Cobden Centre Towers of Dr Mike Haywood’s latest banking crisis digest.

It’s almost reached the point where we hardly dare open the curtains up here, as the folly of following Keynesian economics for decades rebounds around the world, gathering momentum and terror as it strikes its hapless victims, most of whom turn helplessly to more Keynesianism to ‘solve’ the problem. But for those who can take the carnage in their stride, here are the latest ‘highlights’:


Independent weekly compilation of current internet articles and blogs relating to Global Banking Crisis

You may not have time to read all the articles. To help you be selective, those articles which I consider an important read or viewing, I have prefixed with X

Overview Articles

Global Banking crisis, economy and systemic risk

Oil and interconnectivity with Global economy

US Property slump

US Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud

UK Property Market

Global Pension “time bomb” and aging population

The affect of Austerity measures

Deflation or inflation?

US recessionary trends

US Unemployment

Eureka articles which challenge the status quo

Alternative Currencies, changing the Banking System

Credit where credit is due. A hat must be tipped to Dr Haywood for performing this digest service each week. But do be careful reading some of the articles above. You may be forced, as I was, to run screaming from the room shouting, “Nurse, the screens!”

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