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It was brought to my attention that a film version of a book was about to be released on 15 April. The book is of course Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged, a book that should be brought to the attention of every serious student of life. Sadly, I only came across the book 3 years ago but I found its insights on the way the world works today simply stunning. You can find my introduction to the book here.

A film of this classic deserves an airing and is most timely with current world events unfolding as they are. The film makers are appealing to everyone who wishes to see the film in the cinema to join their online petition. Could I encourage every reader to sign up for a local viewing?

One can imagine that a film of a book that exposes so many home truths about the way Western society and culture are headed will meet stiff opposition. It is time to stand firm and demand a hearing of all views, especially the ones that describe the mess we are in and give a pointer to the remedy.

I look forward to seeing this film and posting a review. The makers have a hard job to approach the standard of the original, but they should be encouraged and supported in their efforts.

You can find the film’s website here.

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2 replies on “Sign up to see Atlas Shrugged part 1”
  1. Atlas Shrugged does look pretty good. I didn’t know that there was a movie of it until yesterday. It’s pretty cool looking. It’s cool that they can make a movie so intense with no gun fighting, explosions etc. Thanks for the post.

  2. Brilliant analysis of Rand’s work, she has a great way of cutting through to the underlying truth of situations that many find unpalatable because she contradicts many commonly held misconceptions. I’ve read and found inspiration in Fountainhead & some of her other work, I must find time to take on the 1,000’s of pages of Atlas Shrugged…

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