The Tragedy of the Euro – second edition

In the past, The Tragedy of the Euro could only bought in the U.S. This implied long shipping to Europe and high shipping costs. Now, a second, improved edition has been published in Europe. With free shipping at Terra Libertas. You can also order from

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4 replies on “The Tragedy of the Euro – second edition”
  1. @Stephen: Up to now, there are no plans. Anyway, the changes are minor. Some new sources and cites. Most important maybe the update of the unfolding of the events up to the bailout of Portugal.

  2. says: Marco Biagetti

    Hi Phillip. I saw that there is an italian edition of your book edited by Usemlab.
    It could be better not for me (I can read it in french, english, spanish, italian) but notably to make understand this gloomy occurence (I mean the decision to get into the euro area) to my fellow citizens.
    Thanks a lot.
    Marco Biagetti

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