Apparently the BBC is having a bit of an Austrian boom

As I understand it, BBC Radio 4 bosses liked the recent Keynes versus Hayek debate so much that they are now planning to repeat it at 9am on Tuesday 23rd August. My understanding is that this repeat broadcast will probably add another 1.5 million listeners to the 1 million who already heard it the first time around. Perhaps part of this decision has been driven by the fact that the programme’s podcast was in the iTunes and politics top five in the UK.

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2 replies on “Apparently the BBC is having a bit of an Austrian boom”
  1. says: Cornelius OBrien

    The game is up and they know the public are getting the right information from other sources IE russia today!!!!!

  2. says: Steven Shaw

    besides the fact that it was popular, they probably liked it because they thought the Keynesians won! I’d like to see a re-run with some of you Cobden folks.

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