Jamie Whyte discusses QE on Radio 4

The Cobden Centre’s Jamie Whyte appeared on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning to discuss the prospect of further quantitative easing in the US and UK.

In my view, three key points came across:

  1. the economic situation was different in 2008 (only a serious monetary crisis can justify monetary stabilisation);
  2. central bank interventions get in the way of market discovery processes;
  3. previously injected money has been hoarded, so it hasn’t had the desired effects on broad money (central bankers are “pushing on the end of a piece of string”)

Excellent stuff!!

If you weren’t up at 6:20 to hear the original broadcast, you can catch it on iPlayer until next Thursday, 11 August, at 9:02 AM.

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One reply on “Jamie Whyte discusses QE on Radio 4”
  1. Great job! Wonderful.

    I took a punt on Radio5 Live recently when asked to speak about the spending cuts, laying the blame for the crisis with our Soviet-style monetary planners. The message is getting out.

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