The Four Horsemen

Jan Skoyles recently brought our attention to an upcoming documentary called The Four Horsemen, which promises that 23 people will “break their silence and explain how the world really works”.

Cobden Centre readers will recognise many of the 23 (including some who haven’t exactly been reticent in the past):

Hugo Salinas-Price, James Turk and David Morgan are among the gold and silver bugs, whilst Gillian Tett and Max Keiser represent the market commentators and economists such as Joseph Stiglitz and Professor Michael Hudson represent the academia. But it is not just the ‘usual’ suspects who appear in this film; Noam Chomsky and Camila Batmangelidjh are examples of individuals whose viewpoints of the world from a social and human perspective are respected by governments and individuals all over the world.

Jan’s article highlights some memorable quotes from the trailer.

Gillian Tett, Assistant Editor at the FT, speaks candidly:

Most societies have an elite, and the elite try and stay in power. [They do this by] controlling the cognitive map – the way we think

Prof. Herman Daly, a former Senior Economist at the World Bank, says:

People are beginning to get angry, but not nearly angry enough

It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, but this first glimpse looks promising.

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3 replies on “The Four Horsemen”
  1. says: DanH

    Looks promising? Promising in what way? It looks like your typical economically illiterate, anti-capitalist propaganda. The fact that Phillip Blond is in it tells you all you really need to know. The 1 thing most of the speakers seem to have in common is opposition to neo-liberalism. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  2. says: Paul Marks


    Yes – it is as long predicted.

    The far left (including “I am not a Marxist, I am a communal anarchist” Noam Chomsky) are seeking to take advantage of the crises – in order to impose total collectivism.

    I am no friend of the current order – indeed what I think of the credit bubble bankers (and so on) could not be published on this respectable site (there would be too many “Anglo Saxon” words).

    However, as Mr Owens said (when asked why he represented the United States, in spite of segregation, in the 1936 games) “there is nothing wrong with America that Mr Hitler is going to fix”.

    And there is nothing wrong with the world that the above named collectivists are going to make better.

    Take the example of Max Keiser – he talks a good game, attacking J.P. Morgan Chase and the other…….. perhaps not 100% straight banks (am I allowed to go that far?). And he talks about gold and silver a lot.

    But he also supports the “Occupy” movement (including in Greece – where November 17 means the terrorist movement).

    And who does he work for?

    He works for Putin.

    And Putin is not big on individual freedom and respecting property rights.

    This film will be about pushing hatred of “the rich” and “capitalism”.

    As always those libertarians who try to “join hands with the left” (against the corrupt status que) are fools.

    They will be eaten alive.

  3. says: Paul Marks

    I have now listened to the trailer.

    The very first words were a lie – about how “we” have “privatized the war power”. Then there was the standing ranting about “corporations”.

    Oh how can libertarians be so unwise as to get into bed with such obviously evil people as the people behind this film?

    Why can people not see something that is right in front of their nose?

    Do these people (the film makers) have to wear badges with “I am evil” written upon them, before my friends understand who they are dealing with?

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