Even the past is going to be unpredictable

Last week I met with an American executive who works in the financial services sector. She is a firm and knowledgeable supporter of the Austrian School of Economics and gave gracious and positive feedback on TCC’s progress.

After our meeting I drove her to her next appointment. On the way, she said something that I believe. She observed: “When this financial crisis blows up there is going to be a big job for people like us to explain what has just happened.” I agree with this sentiment and fully recognise the shifting tectonic plates of history. While there are always challenges ahead, the state of today’s world economy means that in the future even the past is going to be unpredictable. For TCC this means we have everything to play for.

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3 replies on “Even the past is going to be unpredictable”
  1. says: Michael JR Jose

    Well, Dr Evans, and unknown American executive, whilst I agree with what you said, I am really most impressed with those economists who successfully predict the future – by which I mean, relatively speaking, they get it right – I am not so unreasonable as to demand that anyone on planet Earth predict the exact day this year that gold goes through $2000 a troy oz. So, who can tell me what inflation will be in the UK by the end of the year, and in the eurozone, and as I am paid in euro, what is my best investment strategy right now…currently I am long on gold and bullish about it….

  2. says: J Cuttance

    ha! I lost that exact $2000/gold ounce bet with my father – me predicting that price by xmas.
    Still, buy gold!

  3. says: Peter Strupp

    I think you miss the depth of the corruption in western societies. Populations will go through the trauma of money colllapse, and reset to the dishonest welfare state one more time with continued easy money. They do not want a story told to them. They know the story very well. There will be monetary collapse and a new a speculative debased economy as part of the “reset”-decadence rules in the West.

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