The Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar

Why am I so sure of the ultimate fate of the US dollar? One simple fact: it’s just paper. Every paper currency in the history of civilisation has eventually lost its entire value.

Chilling words from two authors whose forecasts and assessments of economies the world over have been proved right time and time again. Addison Wiggin and Samantha Buker lay out in stark, and readily understandable terms the inevitable fate of the US dollar and indeed all currencies the world over.

Dispensing with the usual impenetrable language and phrases adopted by mainstream financial commentators, The Shrinking Dollar clearly explains how fiat currencies have failed throughout history, how rampant inflation is destroying the value of savings, how the US got itself into the situation where its debt and deficits are exploding, and why the dollar faces a complete collapse. Most importantly, they detail how the average citizen can take steps to protect themselves and their family from the coming financial flood.

This is required reading for politicians, central bankers and anyone who wishes to avoid the monetary breakdown we are rapidly approaching.

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