BBC Newsnight uses The Cobden Centre to flag up need to slash UK state

I am delighted that TCC Senior Fellow, Dr. Jamie Whyte, was on Friday’s edition of the BBC flagship programme, Newsnight:

Tonight: turning crisis into opportunity.  Faced with the worst economic conditions in decades, is it time to ‘think big’ and downsize the state. If you were starting from scratch, what would the government actually control? We ask our radical thinkers how big it should be.

As the media start to grasp the debt trap we and other western nations are in, it is only right that high quality programmes such as Newsnight use our ideas and people for comment. Fundamentally questioning the idea of government involvement in healthcare, welfare and education, this edition of Newsnight is a sign of things to come.

As the government fails to cut the deficit and therefore the debt explodes, it won’t be too long before we’re all exploring ideas on the private production and enforcement of law.


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