Cobden Centre Radio: Schlichter on the collapse

Most Cobden Centre supporters will be thoroughly familiar with Detlev Schlichter through his book Paper Money Collapse and his blog “The Schlichter Files”.  In this podcast I ask how it is that the collapse he predicted in the book has been averted.  Detlev explains how western governments have propped up their banks, how we have seen a massive change in the money creation process and how inflation expectations will act as the trigger for the final collapse.

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2 replies on “Cobden Centre Radio: Schlichter on the collapse”
  1. says: Paul Marks

    A fine man, and a terrible situation Patrick.

    It is like watching a train crash in slow motion.

    Formally speaking the horror to come has not yet happened (that is why it is – the horror to come), but as it is now unavoidable…….

    It is a bit like having jumped (or been pushed) off a very tall building.

    One is fine (not hurt at all) – because one is still falling.

    But one can see the ground comming – and one knoes what is going to happen when one hits that ground.

    No wonder most people scream on the way down.

  2. says: Mr Ed

    I do wish that Herr Schlichter commanded a majority of the House of Commons.

    Paul is right, but it is more like two oil tankers on an inexorable collision course. Some on the bridge can see the inevitable a long way off, and have time to take tea before making arrangements, the rest carry on regardless, with no screaming, some even complain that the vessel is too slow, assuming that the Captain’s peaked cap and ‘scrambled egg’ means that nothing bad will happen.

    I am reminded of a tale of 2 chess players in a national tournament. White leaned over to Black at move 15 and said something like “Do you realise that move for move we are following Fischer v Larsen at Baden Baden 1971?”. “No” said Black, ‘Who won?”. “White” said White. “Oh” said Black “When did black make his error?” “He already has” said White.

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