Jeffery Tucker is a man of great many talents, energy and vision. He has set up an online pro-liberty community: This will be one for all of us free market, pro-peace and anti-excessive-state people to get involved with.

You can find out more about Jeff via his Twitter feed.

Here’s a brief introduction, taken from his Wikipedia page:

Jeffrey Albert Tucker is CEO of[1] and publisher of Laissez Faire Books.[2]Tucker is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education,[3] an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy[4] and an Acton Universityfaculty member.[5] He is past editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and past editor for the institute’s website,

Tucker compiled an annotated bibliography of the works of Henry Hazlitt, entitled Henry Hazlitt: Giant For Liberty, which is now in print. A Foundation for Economic Education review described the book, which “includes citations of a novel, works on literary criticism, treatises on economics and moral philosophy, several edited volumes, some 16 other books and many chapters in books, plus articles, commentaries, and reviews,” as “an apt eulogy of Henry Hazlitt.”[7]

As a writer, Tucker has contributed scholarly efforts and humorous essays to, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and elsewhere. Examples of the latter essays include his defense of morning drinking,[8] his advice on “How to Dress Like a Man”,[9] his attack on shaving cream,[10] and his admiration for the speedy-service haircut.[11] He is a critic[12] of the Grameen Bank which, along with its founder Muhammad Yunus, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.[13]

Tucker was editor of from 1997 until late 2011 when he was hired by Addison Wiggin as executive editor of Laissez Faire Books.[2]

He is now CEO of[1]

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  1. says: George Thompson

    Just a warning and a note.
    Note first – the URL given in the link before the video directs to a ‘page not found’ message.

    I found this link–2 which took me to the Indiegogo/ fundraiser page. So the warning. The video is a commercial soliciting funds.

    10 years ago, I might have been interested in such a project, but now after 5 years of the most incompetent political leadership since Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and facing wealth redistribution at a level unprecedented for an allegedly free republic (quantitative easing, obamacare, enhanced ‘revenue’ streams and fees, etc.), all my left over pennies go into a jar, where they will remain until I have hoarded the price of a bottle of Glenmorangie Ealanta ($129.99 plus lots of taxes).

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