Bitcoin – The Future Of Money?

I have begun work on a new book.

It is called Bitcoin – The Future Of Money? Once again I am funding it with Unbound.

As the more observant will deduce, it is about the new form of digital money known as Bitcoin.

You might of the view that Bitcoin is up there with tulips and South Sea companies in the greatest-ever-bubbles parade.

Alternatively, you might feel that this new digital cash technology is going to change the way we transact. Not only that, it will alter the very nature of money with huge social, political and economic ramifications.

There is also the third possibility – which cannot be ignored – that you couldn’t give a flying #$@*%! either way.

The story of Bitcoin is an amazing one – from its birth amongst the ‘cypherpunk’ revolutionaries, who believed they could change the world through computer hacking and cryptography, to its million-fold rise in price to the mystery surrounding its creator, who may as well have be aboard the Mary Rose for all we know about him.

I’ll tell this story, I’ll take you on a walk along the Silk Road (the Amazon-like website where you can buy what we’ll call ‘black market goods’), I’ll consider how Bitcoin might change the world, if at all, whether you should buy some and how to, and, most of all, I explain what the bloody thing is and how it works.

Unlike Life After The State, I am not planning to solve all the world’s problems this time around, so you should see a comparatively quick return on your money in the form of a book.

Please help make it happen by pledging here.

We only launched last week and we already over 70% funded, thanks to people’s excitement and generosity. It is happening in record time.

Both fame and glory await you when you pledge and get your name in the back of this seminal work*.

The link is here in case you missed it.

With fond regards wherever you are in the world,


* Most of the statements in the sentence are almost certainly not true