Speech on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Future of Warfare

Late last year I gave a speech in Brussels on artificial intelligence, robotics and the future of warfare. The event was organised by the Ludwig von Mises Institute (Europe) at Le Club Royal des Guides – the most prestigious officers’ club, situated next to the European Parliament. Annette Godart-van der Kroon, President of the Mises Institute, did a terrific job organising it.

The other speakers were:

Hilde Vautmans, Member of the European Parliament, EU Foreign Affairs Committee

Commander Kurt Engelen, Defence Counsellor to the Belgian PSC Ambassador

Professor Albrecht Ritschl, London School of Economics

Tamara Hendriksen and Jort Kollerie, Orange Cyberdefense

In 2019 the Cobden Centre organised, and I moderated, the Future of Artificial Intelligence roundtable discussions in the European Parliament, with speakers from the IMF, OECD and Intel among others – many of the issues discussed with reference to the economics of AI will be applicable to military robotics and AI. It is important that these issues are discussed now rather than reaching the point of no return with respect to automated, algorithmic warfare.

The event at the officers’ club was filmed by a professional film crew who did a great job. The venue was one of the finest in Brussels – military officers certainly know how to enjoy themselves.

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