Our Vision

Our vision is of a peaceful, open and free society based on a stable, sustainable economy in which everyone has the opportunity to participate in constantly growing real prosperity.

Based on sound scholarship, we argue that such a society must be built on honest money.

Honest money means an end to credit expansion and false booms followed by financial crises with appalling human cost. It means an end to inflation of the money supply and hence prices. Honest money is the key to social progress in the 21st century.


  • We believe that social progress comes when private property is secure and all people enjoy an increase in their real income.  We believe that the reduction of relative poverty and the increase of general prosperity will make society more orderly, stable and free.
  • We believe that, today, the first condition to secure private property, to diminish widening wealth inequality and to establish a stable, sustainable economy for the benefit of all is honest money.
  • We believe that the method of increasing real income for all people is a social system of independence, interdependence and mutual cooperation: the free market.

We believe, with Richard Cobden, that with honest money and free trade, international peace and social progress will follow. We endorse Cobden’s view that:

Peace will come to earth when the people have more to do with each other and governments less.