Our Thanks

Website implementation

Our sincere thanks are due to the following providers of quality, free technology and artwork.




We are most grateful to the following photographers who chose to make their work available for reuse:

wheat1-thumbRobert Crum — wheat field
wheat3-thumbwheat2-thumbBernat Casero — wheat fields
wheat5-thumbDudu — wheat field
wheat6-thumbKevin Jaako — wheat field
120px-forms_for_fake_coinsChris73 — 2nd-3rd century forms to cast counterfeit money
77px-billets_de_5000Wazouille — bank notes
118616905_13d60793bc_tJason Hill — ground zero memorial, Nagasaki
Peace flowerKenny P — flower of peace
PeacePeter — peace written on a wall
PeaceBart — peace on earth
Hanjin Container ShipIngrid Taylar — container ship
3451530961_61a84126b1_tEvan Leeson — container ship
Fort Hadsar
Soumitra Inamdar — Fort Hadsar, built to defend a trade route