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Sean Corrigan

  Material Evidence, 8 Oct 09
» 682.3 KiB - 759 hits - 18 November 09
Corrigan on the wisdom of J S Mill: demand for commodities [ie finished goods] is not the demand for labour.

  Material Evidence, 9 Jul 09
» 446.3 KiB - 1,107 hits - 18 November 09
Banks should have to comply with basic, everyday property and contractual law.

  Material Evidence, 9 Sep 09
» 432.5 KiB - 986 hits - 18 November 09
US unemployment, the UK’s staggering recovery to 1974 levels of manufacturing output, energy investment and the performance of gold and silver.

» 929.7 KiB - 2,229 hits - 24 August 10
Material Evidence from Sean Corrigan - 2010-08-20

  Resource Ruminations - Show Me the Money
» 515.9 KiB - 1,224 hits - 18 November 09
On money, credit, economic cycles and the role of the state.

  Tangible Ideas - Bastiat's Iceberg
» 1.6 MiB - 4,061 hits - 19 December 09
Sean Corrigan of Diapason Commodities Management packs more sound applied economics into this report than ever.

  Tangible Ideas - Goodbye to All That
» 682.5 KiB - 1,314 hits - 18 November 09
Corrigan explains the end of an economic era.

  The Superhighway to Serfdom
» 358.6 KiB - 795 hits - 18 November 09
Imagine, if you will, that we stand today at a cross-roads and that we see to our right a minor road which branches away to climb rapidly upward in an ultra- (even a hyper-) inflationary surge to ruin. On our left, we find a trackway which twists downward, descending rapidly into a Slough of Despond after threading its way past the rusting ironwork, boarded windows, and unfinished building work of a renewed financial crisis and after jolting its users horribly about in the ruts and potholes of further, poor political decision-making as they motor to their doom.

Libertarian Alliance

  Lessons from the financial crisis: a libertarian perspective
» 576.8 KiB - 1,961 hits - 30 November 09
This article is an expanded version of the Second Chris R. Tame Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor Dowd at the National Liberal Club, London, March 17th 2009. A recording of the original Lecture, with an introduction by Dr Tim Evans, President of the Libertarian Alliance, can be found here.

  The Micropolitics of Free Market Money: a Proposal
» 124.8 KiB - 1,579 hits - 30 November 09
This paper is not primarily intended as a contribution to economic theory. It is instead intended to steer the debate on free banking away from statements of loyalty to the “line”: that orthodoxy of political views which is often incoherent and always an affront to individual reason. This is accomplished by concentrating upon the process of argument.