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Cobden Centre

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  Fully Secured Current Accounts Bill draft.pdf
» 96.0 KiB - 2,643 hits - 9 November 10
Fully Secured Current Accounts Bill A BILL TO Make provision for the introduction of a mandatory requirement for banks and building societies to operate fully secured current accounts to allow money to be stored for safe-keeping; and for connected purposes.

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  Global Focus - Is deflation the root of all evil?
» 300.9 KiB - 13 hits - 3 August 10
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For most economists and various commentators a general fall in prices, which is labeled deflation, is a terrible thing. It is held that deflation is a precursor of a severe economic slump. Hence the central bank must fight it aggressively by means of monetary pumping. Our analysis, however, shows that deflation takes place as a result of previous inflation. This amounts to the disappearance of money that was previously generated out of “thin air”. This type of money gives rise to various non-productive activities. Obviously then, a fall in the money stock that is followed by a fall in prices is good news for wealth generators. It arrests the diverting of real wealth to various non-productive activities that emerged on the back of monetary inflation. This lays the foundation for a durable economic recovery. In the meantime, our monetary analysis continues to indicate that US economic activity is likely to weaken visibly in the months ahead. In Q2 real GDP grew by 2.4% below expectations for 2.6%. The latest data shows that Japanese manufacturing activity has weakened visibly in June and July. In Australia the growth momentum of price inflation is poised to weaken sharply.

  Gold: An objective look at subjective value
» 102.9 KiB - 2,164 hits - 7 December 10
Edited remarks from a speech by Tony Deden at the annual meeting of the Spanish Precious Metals Association (AEMP) in Madrid on 25 November 2010.

» 589.9 KiB - 2,057 hits - 30 April 10
Analysis from Arden Partners.

  Growth in a Deleveraging World
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  Honest Money and the Future of Banking
» 2.2 MiB - 2,350 hits - 30 October 10
A talk given by Steve Baker MP several times during October 2010, including at the Libertarian Alliance conference on 30 October.

  Hulsmann - Honest Savings and Dishonest Money
» 363.1 KiB - 1,768 hits - 21 July 10
Slides from "Honest Savings and Dishonest Money", a private talk by Prof J Guido Hülsmann of the University of Angers on the 10th of July 2010