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Distinguished Economists

  Dowd, Alchemists of Loss, Back to the future - a new vision of finance
» 133.2 KiB - 1,793 hits - 14 February 10
Prof. Kevin Dowd's new vision for finance from his forthcoming book "Alchemists of Loss"

  Dowd, Alchemists of Loss, Blueprint for reform
» 128.9 KiB - 2,135 hits - 14 February 10
Prof Kevin Dowd's blueprint for financial reform from his forthcoming book "Alchemists of Loss"

  Huerta de Soto, Jesus: "Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles"
» 3.2 MiB - 17,095 hits - 14 May 09
A complete comprehensive treatise on economic theory, the book is sweeping, revolutionary, and devastating - not only the most extended elucidation of Austrian business cycle theory to ever appear in print but also a decisive vindication of the Misesian-Rothbardian perspective on money, banking, and the law.

  Human Action
» 3.2 MiB - 2,522 hits - 18 August 09
A treatise on economics. Ludwig von Mises' magnum opus.

  Letters to Mr. Malthus
» 11.1 MiB - 1,187 hits - 1 February 12
Letters to Mr. Malthus, on Several Subjects of Political Economy, and on the Cause of the Stagnation of Commerce. To Which is added, A Catechism of Political Economy, or Familiar Conversations on the Manner in which Wealth is Produced, Distributed, and Consumed in Society, trans. John Richter (London: Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1821).

  Mises, The Causes of the Economic Crisis
» 917.8 KiB - 4,859 hits - 8 March 10
And Other Essays Before and After the Great Depression,

  Reisman, George: "Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics"
» 13.8 MiB - 2,021 hits - 14 May 09
The clearest and most comprehensive contemporary defense of the capitalist economic system available.

  Rothbard, Murray: "The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar"
» 184.1 KiB - 928 hits - 14 May 09
When this essay was published, America was in the midst of the Bretton Woods system, a Keynesian international monetary system that had been foisted upon the world by the United States and British governments in 1945. The Bretton Woods system was an international dollar standard masquerading as a “gold standard,” in order to lend the well-deserved prestige of the world’s oldest and most stable money, gold, to the increasingly inflated and depreciated dollar.

  Rothbard, Murray: "The Mystery of Banking"
» unknown - 865 hits - 14 May 09
Rothbard's extraordinary book unravels the mystery of banking: what is legitimate enterprise and what is a government-backed shell game that can't last. His explanation is clear enough for anyone to follow and yet precise and rigorous enough to be the best textbook for college classes on the topic. This is because its expositional clarity--in its history and theory--is essentially unrivaled. See especially "XVII. Conclusion: the present banking situation and what to do about it"

  The Ethics of Money Production, Jörg Guido Hülsmann
» 876.0 KiB - 1,559 hits - 12 December 10
The Natural Production of Money, Inflation, Monetary Order and Monetary Systems