The Free Market Road Show defends
freedom in over 30 cities across Europe

The largest event of its kind unites policymakers and think tanks to
discuss the economy, sustainability, and freedom.

Inflation, energy security, war – in recent years Europeans have been hit hard by crises.
Establishment seems to have run out of ideas to address these issues. Instead of coming up
with solutions, in everything from economic policy to environmental policy, standards are being
adjusted to the disadvantage of the European labor and business location.
But individual citizens are not powerless. For over 15 years the Free Market Road Show
(FMRS), spearheaded by the Austrian Economics Center (AEC), has toured Europe, gathering
think tanks, policymakers, businesspeople, and students to discuss how normal citizens can
secure their own freedom and prosperity.
This year FMRS has specially selected 33 cities across Europe and Israel to address the new
standards set by the mainstream and whether these standards are indeed worth striving for.
FMRS has always been about taking a principled stand on matters of public policy. And so as
the European mainstream continues to bow to the cult of ESG, unaffordability, and political
expediency, we at FMRS will focus on upholding standards that are attainable and desirable:
the standards of government restraint, prudent fiscal and monetary policy, and individual liberty.
FMRS will visit London on the 18th April and feature keynote/panel discussions by several prestigious speakers. Interested
participants can find more information and sign up at

“The Free Market Road Show is where good speakers go to share classical liberal ideas and
where eager listeners come to learn, grow and make new friends. This is how we win the future
for liberty – attending events like FMRS and then departing with our networks expanded and our
passions reinvigorated!” – Lawrence W. Reed, President Emeritus

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freedom in over 30 cities across Europe”