Rob Arnott: QE, Fed, inflation, Weimar Germany, investor confidence & more

One Million Mark notes, used as notepaper

Many of us in the mad-eyed gold bug community subscribe to King World News, to seek out affirmation for our crazy lopsided view of the world, in which we believe that virtually all of the world’s major governments – and related supranational bodies – are directing the global paper fiat system into a total paper money collapse.

However, occasionally, Eric King also interviews those whose net worth is concerned with much more than the price of gold or silver. One of those regular interviewees is Rob Arnott, who sub advises the Pimco All Asset Fund, and who manages around $80 billion dollars of other people’s money.

If you’d like to listen to some of the interesting things Mr Arnott had to say, today, to Eric King, click below: