Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on gold and gangster capitalism

Episode 129: Andy Duncan has the pleasure to interview former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Andy gets straight to it and asks Dr. Roberts about his view on a manipulated price of gold. Dr. Roberts elaborates on how he sees what has occurred since early April, whom was behind it and the reasons why.

Dr. Roberts sees inherent problems with the US dollar system and expresses grave concerns about the systematic fragility due to excess money printing around the world.

Next Andy poses a question as to what could be done to get things back on track utilising the US political system, which allows Dr. Roberts to express his concerns with the current state of the nation before answering an interesting question regarding his recent book “The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West“.

Dr. Roberts poses some important questions about libertarian ideals versus human nature before offering some advice for listeners regarding the future.

This podcast was recorded on the 3rd of June 2013 and previously published at The Euro Vigilante.

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4 replies on “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on gold and gangster capitalism”
  1. says: Gary

    Great interview. I do take issue with one point where Dr Roberts says laissez faire capitalism failed. I don’t believe it has, because it was never implemented. The largest component of free markets was denied, the ability of the market to select the currency. A free market will not select a fiat currency under legal tender laws. It is a contradiction in terms. If a free market did select the fiat currency, then legal tender laws forcing its acceptance would be unnecessary. So a free market will select a sound currency and a sound currency would preclude central banks which in turn would prevent too-big-to-fail banks. Banks would fail before they got too big to fail. Interest rates would be correctly priced making asset bubbles less likely etc.

  2. says: George Doughty

    “It’s the behavior of the people in the markets that have to be regulated.” WOW. Gary (above )hits the nail on the head. The concept of freedom is beyond these people.

  3. says: Captain Skin

    Paul Craig Roberts is very misguided when it comes to laissez faire capitalism. He cannot seem to get his head around the fact that that government control of the money supply and interest rates is NOT laissez faire capitalism

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