Preparing to launch TCC’s events

In a few days, my wife (who writes for this excellent food blog) and I are joining TCC’s Chairman, Toby Baxendale, to check out a venue in Central London that we have our eye on for our planned monthly TCC dinners.

To be held in the private room of a good Central London restaurant, these events are designed with several objectives in mind. Each one will gather a mixture of 16 sound journalists, academics, and politicians as well as numerous members of TCC’s Team and Advisory Board. Each will promote a sound after dinner speaker on a subject close to our hearts, be it: honest money, free trade and or the wider world of liberal social reform. Above all else, each dinner will stimulate, encourage and court debate and learning.

By the end of 2010, the TCC’s dinners will be making their mark. Helping to promote the organisation’s networking and outreach capabilities these events will greatly aid our quest to impact on the intellectual and policy life of the UK, as well as the world beyond.

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