Wall Street Unspun

In this world of economic turmoil into which the Keynesians have plunged us, it is vital to keep up with the latest pivotal developments in the financial world, on a global basis. One of the best ways to do this on the Metropolitan and City underground line from Baker Street to Moorgate is via Peter Schiff’s weekly radio broadcasts and his ‘Wall Street Unspun’ programme; these broadcasts are also available via podcast.

Peter and his regular co-hosts generally provide an initial 15-minute roundup of the latest world economic news, which they try to view through the clear, unspun, and undistorted lens of Austrian economics, before following this with questions and answers in a 45-minute phone-in. Although the programmes are admittedly US-centric, with Euro Pacific Capital having a policy of investing outside of the US and with global finance being so inter-connected, there is still plenty of coverage of the rest of the world, including Britain.

They are particularly keen to welcome international callers to the program, so if you want to ask Peter Schiff about anything economic that’s on your mind, he will generally place you at the top of his queue ahead of their usual American and Canadian callers.

I usually listen to the podcasts myself, as the radio programme goes out quite late to British listeners, however the radio programme is available for night owls over the Internet, at this address:

The podcast archives and iPod subscription details are available here:

There is also a YouTube channel below, although this is usually a little behind the curve on providing the latest broadcasts:

With Peter being heavily involved at the moment in his race for the US Senate, he is generally only making about one show in three, due to Republican party commitments. However, he is ably replaced for the remaining shows by other Euro Pacific Capital brokers, such as Andrew Schiff from New York, and Neeraj Chaudhary and Hemant Kathuria from their Los Angeles office.

For regular applications of Austrian economics to current financial analysis, the programme is hard to beat, and although it’s really difficult to listen to on the squeaky bit of the Bakerloo line between Paddington and Oxford Street, or that horrible grinding section in the centre of the Waterloo and City line, the pause button on my iPhone generally comes into play and rescues the day.

When I say hard to beat, there is one other Austrian-related podcast which challenges the team from Euro Pacific Capital, and that is the more sporadic ‘Lew Rockwell Show’ podcast series, which you can subscribe to here:

Although Mr Rockwell took a long rest recently, after an initial burst of about a hundred programmes, he appears to be back with a regular stream of interviews with all of the leading figures of Austrian economics, including Ron Paul, Joe Salerno, Jim Rogers, Charles Goyette, Marc Faber, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, and everyone else you have ever heard of.

The programmes generally take the form of a 15-minute interview, though sometimes this can stretch up to an hour, with longer interviews and occasional speeches; Mr Rockwell is also usually keen to interview more speculative trends forecasters, such as Gerald Celente.

As well as having a clear picture of what’s going on in the world, or what might be happening in the world in the next year or two, you’ll also know that you’re a true hard-core Austrian when you are a subscriber and you have removed all of your Genesis albums from your iPhone in order to squeeze on more Lew Rockwell shows.

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