James Turk: Keep accumulating physical metal

James Turk is the founder of GoldMoney.com, and although you might expect him to recommend that everyone should keep accumulating physical gold and silver under virtually any circumstances, his thoughts on a recent King World radio interview are still worth a listen if you want to avoid becoming seriously unstuck if paper currency should finally implode into its intrinsic value of poor quality firelighters, at some point over the next few years:

In a short interview, Mr Turk brushes the following main points, amongst others:

  • The recent gold correction and how it shook a lot of short-term trend followers out of the market, before the price bounced back again
  • Why the demand for physical metal is increasing (as opposed to paper gold) and how this eliminates counterparty risk in a financial meltdown scenario
  • The best way to accumulate gold over time
  • The accumulative power gathering behind the related silver markets
  • Why the gold price should rally towards the end of the year

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