Nigel Farage: The game is up for the EU — The Euro is collapsing

After his extraordinary speech to the EU last week, fired by the economic situation in Ireland, Nigel Farage was interviewed by Eric King on King World News to explain his viewpoint:

In the KWN interview, Farage explains why Ireland should have avoided joining the Euro and how the Irish people are now trapped by their government’s membership of this collapsing currency union, which Farage describes as an unemployment-generating ‘prison’.

“Nineteen-Eighty-Four was supposed to be a warning fictionary novel, not a handbook for governments in the 21st century”

Although the Euro and the EU may survive this current crisis, says Farage, he claims they will fail to survive the next one because the people of Europe now hold the EU and its professional political class in contempt.

Here’s the Farage YouTube, which even challenges the forthrightness of Daniel Hannan’s similarly extraordinary speech to Gordon Brown (remember him?), from seemingly the same seat in the EU parliament, from a year or two back:

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