King World News: Gold and Hyperinflation

There have been some great interviews on King World News recently.  For those who might be snowed-in, and who therefore need some diverting entertainment, I thought I might provide a roundup:

Rob McEwen, the Chairman and CEO of US Gold, recently predicted $5,000 dollar gold within the medium term due primarily to short-sighted western governments and their ongoing addiction to debt-fuelled spending.  This, he believes, has led to predictable bouts of money printing, which used to be known in medieval times as coin clipping, but which is now known in the modern paper and digital age as quantitative easing.

Obviously, you might think it fairly predictable that Mr McEwen would predict a rapid price rise for gold, but if you like this kind of thing, his foundations for his view were recently explored by Eric King, on King World News:

John Embry, the Chief Investment Strategist for Sprott Gold & Precious Minerals Fund, speaks about the current gold and silver strategy of the $8 billion dollar Sprott Asset Management, and how to choose the right investment juniors in the gold mining business.

He also talks about Eric Sprott’s prediction of $50 dollar silver within just a few months, which lies behind the recent $500 million dollar investment of the Sprott Silver Trust, and briefly touches upon the Euro currency union, which he predicts will disintegrate, and the nonsense of the EU-wide VAT tax on silver:

Finally, Chris Whalen, of Institutional Risk Analytics, speaks to Eric King about government debt, the current thinking of the Federal Reserve, and its failure to generate an expected economic bounce over the last two years through money printing:

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