Gingrich adopts gold standard model

American Principles Project:

Washington, D.C.–Republican presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called for “hard money with a very limited Federal Reserve” at the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Gingrich is the third candidate to take this position. Herman Cain endorsed the gold standard at the American Principles Project Palmetto Freedom Forum in South Carolina last month and Ron Paul, who has been steadily advocating it for much of his career, raised it at last night’s debate.

If one of them disposes of Obama, this will be at the heart of any Republican agenda.

When will our senior politicians start to entertain a move to honest money?

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4 replies on “Gingrich adopts gold standard model”
  1. says: Tim Lucas

    Is Herman Cain really pro-gold standard, Toby? I’ve seen him quoted as being full of praise for Allan Greenspan, he is against the Fed audit bill raised by Ron Paul and was himself a Federal Reserve banker after his success with Godfathers Pizza.

    When asked about a gold standard, his response was:

    “Yes, we do need a gold standard to do that. We can work our way back to a standard – that’s the only way we’re going to make our currency, the currency that people around the world depend upon. So, yes, I do support establishing standards and there are many ways to do it in addition to a gold standard.”

    I wonder…..

    Still, his ideas for the overhaul of the tax code, balanced budgets set in law etc look excellent.

  2. I think that’s very optimistic Toby. Ron Paul has set the agenda because of the huge support he has. In order to appear a viable alternative to him the others have to be seen to have similar opinions. I don’t believe their stances are anything else.

    As for our politicians talking the same way, it won’t happen till we have a Ron Paul of our own. Daniel Hannan is a good prospect.

    1. Bernie and Tim,

      Hey, gold is on the agenda, rejoice!

      30 years ago if you said the private sector could make cars or run a train , you would have been called mad. In 1978 if you said one day it would be possible to take more than £50 out of the country due to exchange control, you would have been called a wide eyed dreamer.

      We press on, slowly but surely , honest money will get there.

  3. The more the other candidates sound like Ron Paul the more the media/statist quo hope his appeal will fade. Republicans and Democrats alike want Obama to win – there’s no money in a free market for that lot.

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