Save Our Savers

As anyone who is familiar with The Cobden Centre will know, we are hugely critical of politicised monetary regimes, the Sovietised machinations of central banks and their ludicrous monetary policy committees, not to mention their inflationist friends in government and mainstream financial services.

Yet increasingly we are not alone. As well TCC getting greater media traction for our scholarly ideas, friends over at Save Our Savers are doing a good job representing those thrifty people suffering at the sharp end.

Ably led by Simon Rose do check out their site here.

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One reply on “Save Our Savers”
  1. Simons site is excellent. I called in to Radio Kent after he guested. I mentioned money and credit being created out of thin air in 10 seconds flat and the presenter snapped “We dont need an economics lesson..’!

    Sorry, dear, yes you media types do….

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