Economic Summit in Jackson Hole, WY to Feature High Profile Speakers from Around the World

Press Release from The American Principles Project

August conference to challenge Federal Reserve policy head on:  are Central Banks the problem or the solution?

More than two dozen speakers to participate, including Jim DeMint, Dr. Benn Steil, John Stossel, and more

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Today the American Principles Project announced a list of more than two dozen high profile speakers that will be participating in the first official Jackson Hole Summit on August 27-29, 2015 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Summit — which has become even more relevant as Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve struggles before Congress — will take place directly opposite of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual Jackson Hole Symposium, the flagship conference of the Federal Reserve System.

More than two dozen high profile speakers will be presenting at the Jackson Hole Summit, including John Stossel, host of Stossel on Fox Business; Dr. Benn Steil, PhD,Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics on the Council on Foreign Relations; Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation; members of both the British Parliament and United States Congress; leading economists; and respected political leaders from all over the ideological spectrum.

The purpose of APP’s Jackson Hole Summit is to push the debate over monetary policy into the public arena and educate citizens about how the Federal Reserve’s policies are fundamental to economic growth. The Jackson Hole Summit will feature many of the best and brightest economists in the world, including participants from prestigious institutions, such as the Young America’s Foundation, The Heritage Foundation, The Atlas Network, and England’s The Cobden Centre.

All presidential candidates from both major parties have been invited to present their vision to maximize America’s future prosperity and strengthen the United States’ position in driving the global economy.

The Jackson Hole Speaker List (as of July 15, 2015):

John Stossel – Fox Business Host

George Gilder – Chairman, George Gilder Fund

Steve Moore – Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Benn Steil, PhD – Senior Fellow & Director of International Economics, Council on Foreign Relations

Peter Schiff – Financial Analyst

Jim DeMint – President, Heritage Foundation

Sean Fieler – Chairman, American Principles Project

Kwasi Kwarteng – Member British Parliament Conservative Party

Steven Baker – Member British Parliament Conservative Party

Rep. Scott Garrett – NJ CD5, Chairman of the Capital Formations Committee

Thomas Hogan, PhD – Chief Economist, U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs

Judy Shelton, PhD – Co-Director & Senior Fellow, the Atlas Network

Lawrence White, PhD – Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Marc Miles, PhD – Economist, Global Economics Solutions

Norbert Michel, PhD – Research Fellow in Financial Regulations, Heritage Foundation

Brian Domitrovic, PhD – Chairman, Department of History Sam Houston State University

William Luther, PhD – Department of Economics, Kenyon College

Max Rangeley – Editor, the Cobden Center of England

Jeffrey Tucker – Author, “Bit by Bit: How P2P is Freeing the World”

John Mueller – Lehrman Institute Fellow in Economics, Ethics & Public Policy Center

Maurice McTigue – President, Outreach, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

Keith Weiner – President, Gold Standard Institute USA

Jared Meyer – Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Ralph Benko – Senior Economic advisor APP & Internationally Syndicated Columnist

Richard Lowrie – Co-Founder, Put Growth First

Seth Lipsky – Editor, New York Sun

Jiesi Zhao – Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Free Enterprise, The Young America’s Foundation

Frank Cannon – President, American Principles Project

Steve Lonegan – Director of Monetary Policy, American Principles Project

Capacity to this exclusive event is limited, so members of the media should RSVP as soon as possible.


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