Salamanca — day 2

Toby Baxendale and Steve Baker enjoyed a second fascinating day at the joint Ludwig von Mises Institute and Instituto Juan de Mariana conference in Salamanca, “The Birthplace of Economic Theory”:

  • Cobden Centre Chairman Toby Baxendale began the day with “An Entrepreneur’s Tale: The Meltdown of 2008”, a well-received lecture setting out our measure of the Sterling money supply and his astounding experience of banks’ behaviour during the height of the crisis.
  • Walter Block set about “Defending the Undefendable: Gold and 100% Banking”: his book is here(PDF).
  • Thomas J. DiLorenzo gave “The Real Reason for Central Banking: Government for the Privileged Few”.
  • Joseph T. Salerno explained “The Effects of Inflation on Morality and Society” with reference to previous hyperinflations and the developing plans of the Obama administration.
  • Jesús Huerta de Soto, author of the seminal work “Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles“, described “400 Years of Dynamic Efficiency” through unhampered human cooperation, presenting entrepreneurship as the creative search to help other people.

Two additional major figures in the movement for honest money have agreed to join our team as Senior Fellows: we will be making an announcement shortly.

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