Steve Baker speaks at the IEA on fiscal policy

Capital-based macroeconomicsOn Tuesday, I spoke at the IEA’s The State of the Economy conference, participating in a panel discussion on Fiscal Policy and Government Expenditure with Edmund Conway, Sir John Bourn, Graeme Leach and Danny Alexander MP.

In discussions about when to begin cuts, I flatly rejected Keynesianism, explaining that capital-based macroeconomics gives a quite different set of tools for thinking about the economy. This generated interest from students and professional economists present so I have updated our primer, adding The Causes of the Economic Crisis and Garrison’s macroeconomics slides.

I also recommend these articles as a quick-start to rethinking money, banking and economics:

And for a light-hearted treatment of the same concepts, here’s the Hayek vs Keynes video:


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  1. says: Paul Marks

    I must confess that I am astonished that Mr Baker has managed to become a candidate for Parliament – an institution so sadly full of the ignorant and the corrupt (people utterly unlike Mr Baker).

    It gives me hope for the Conservative party – a party I have been an active member of for 30 years, but which often leaves full of frustration.

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