The Road to Serfdom, Amazon best seller

To our great delight, The Road to Serfdom, by the outstanding thinker F.A. Hayek, was this June the No. 1 best seller at and still retains a very good ranking. Hayek was one of the key figures in the Austrian School and the US populist news commentator Glenn Beck has given us a very good boost as we try to further the Austrian School of Thought.

The Editor of Hayek’s Collected Works is Professor Bruce Caldwell at Duke University. He has supplied us with two very good interviews about this book:

Also, we are privileged to be able to share with our readers a PDF copy of Bruce’s Introduction to The Road to Serfdom (Definitive Edition). Plenty to choose from if this is your first taste of Hayek, or indeed a valuable guide if you seek to reread it. So enough from me, I will let the expert speak to you about the legendary foresight and relevance of Hayek today.

Introduction to The Road to SerfdomIf you want to read more from Hayek himself, you may be interested in the condensed version of The Road to Serfdom (published in the Reader’s Digest, April 1945), available as a PDF from the IEA.

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4 replies on “The Road to Serfdom, Amazon best seller”
  1. says: DavidNcl

    Yes indeed it was the no 1 best seller. Due to the wonderful Glenn Beck plugging it on his show. Good job Mr. Beck.

  2. says: JP Floru

    This is all very nice for US customers, but I wanted to buy 30 copies to hand out to the thirty students at next week’s Freedom Week Seminar, but unfortunately only has 23 available. And Free to Choose by Milton Friedman is not available as new in the UK at all, and has not been for many many years.

  3. says: Peter Masters

    Thank you, my route to your website via Bullion Vault and a retired man’s interest in the manner in which wealth (earned) can be protected from those who wish to further their politics with my money. Am off to Amazon next, to buy The Road to Serfdom.

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