The Streets of Vienna

A street in Vienna is called a gasse, strasse or platz. There are a few of them named after people who aren’t so popular on this site:

There’s also a Frederich-Engels-Platz and Marxergasse, though I’m not sure if the latter is named after Karl Marx.

Mises held his private seminar in his offices, afterwards the Mises circle would go to the Grüner Anker restaurant in Grünangergasse. When Ben Powell visited Vienna that restaurant had become the Ma Creperie. It’s now Tifli’s restaurant. A playwright, famous in German speaking countries, Franz Grillparzer lived on that street and there is a sign commemorating him there. Mises mentions him in “Human Action” and “Nation, State and Economy“.

To get to Grünangergasse I had to check a map, which gave me a surprise. About four hundred yards away there is this street:

I’d love an explanation for this. Preferably one that doesn’t require time-travel or Dan Brown style conspiracies involving the Cobden centre. The more I walk around Vienna the stranger it gets.

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  1. says: Richard Ebeling

    I don’t remember the name of the side street in Vienna, but off the Ringstrasse (the main boulevard in Vienna) just opposite the Goethe statue, there is a street that one or two blocks down has a statue of Adam Smith holding a copy of “The Wealth of Nations,” at the entrance to a technical high school.

    Richard Ebeling

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