The Fed celebrates its 100th birthday

Cobden Centre fellow John Phelan has written an article for US edition of the Wall Street JournalThe Fed Celebrates Its 100th Birthday (£):

Two days before Christmas in 1913, Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act. The law sought to end bank failures by creating a central banking system. But a century later, the Federal Reserve has become an enabler of the financial havoc it was designed to prevent. A look at the Fed’s history offers some insight into the problems.

For those who can can get past the paywall, it’s an article well worth reading.

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2 replies on “The Fed celebrates its 100th birthday”
  1. says: Craig Howard

    Paste the title into the Google search bar and you can access the entire article.

    1. says: George Thompson

      Mr. Howard, thanks for the tip. Even 3 weeks later, your suggestion worked like a charm.

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