Statman’s tour of Britain: are average wages falling?

Incoming from Tom Paterson, chief economist at “Gold Made Simple”:

I’m currently travelling around Europe in my VW campervan with my my wife and 9 month old daughter! Well, why not!

I’ve picked up a gig at the Daily Express making short videos about the UK economy – the first one can be found here [video]:

I’ve filmed another 5 (covering the UK debt, Deficit, Govt Spending and BoE money printing)… and a new one will go live every Monday…

The Walls sausage advertisement threw me for a moment before the proper video started. Looks like a good series to watch out for.

Tom Paterson can be contacted by email here.

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  • John Spiers says:

    There is no economic recovery without wages falling. But deflation is different than asset-specific inflation which leaves wages in the dust. When we get an equities and housing bust, plus food and medicine and education price drops, we’ll know we are on our way to recovery. Wages will fall too, to every workers delight, because even less money will buy far more.

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