Daniel Hannan: Teach yourself free market economics in two hours

Daniel Hannan MEP, of The Daily Telegraph, is as impressed by the Schiff Brothers’ new book as we were, when we first reviewed it a couple of weeks ago:

While Mr Hannan covers How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes in exacting detail, I was particularly impressed by the following quote:

As a general rule, if experts cannot explain an idea simply, we should be suspicious. The Schiffs explain their model very simply indeed, which is what makes it so convincing. If you feel that you want to get a decent grasp of free market economics, but you don’t have the time to tackle the complete works of Mises and Rothbard, this book is the perfect place to start. And if you find the Schiff thesis compelling, have a look at the Cobden Centre, which is working to apply Austrian economics to British political conditions.

Mr Hannan is obviously a gentleman of quality, acumen, and refinement.

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