Cobden Centre Radio: Dr. Anthony J. Evans on Austrianism’s return home to Europe

Brian Micklethwait continues his ongoing mission around London to unearth the burgeoning underground vein of true economics by speaking to one of its foremost practitioners in England, Anthony J. Evans, who is Assistant Professor of Economics at ESCP Europe, co-author of The Neoliberal Revolution in Eastern Europe: Economic Ideas in the Transition from Communism, and a founding fellow of the Cobden Centre.

Dr. Evans begins by discussing the teaching of economics, how he came to Austrian economics, and the state of Austrian economics within the academic halls of the United Kingdom and how it can be grown outside of the United States to challenge the orthodox Keynesian mainstream.

Explaining the ideas behind his book, The Neoliberal Revolution in Eastern Europe, Dr. Evans then moves on to explain how Austrianism is growing throughout Europe and the City of London and the importance of increasing the number of PhD opportunities in Austrian economics to get its ideas taken seriously by this mainstream, and how this intellectual endeavour can be expanded into the realm of politics, in the very best Hayekian fashion, to encourage the spread of deeper public knowledge about true economics, particularly where this concerns the Austrian Business Cycle Theory.

In this wide-ranging 30-minute interview, much else is discussed that will be of interest to all of our discerning Cobden Centre Radio listeners:

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