Cobden Centre Radio: Steve Baker MP

In our latest 26-minute Cobden Centre Radio show, I interview Steve Baker MP about his Austrian path into the world of politics and how he thinks we can inject financial sanity into the economically diseased global body of Keynesian orthodoxy.  Touching upon the Douglas Carswell bill, due for its second reading in November, we also discussed how the British state can be rolled back, and where he thinks the British economy is heading, and how he thinks we can turn everything around to create an honest monetary system and a reduced government.

At the end of the interview, Steve also mentions a new TV documentary by Wag TV, due to be broadcast on Channel4 on the 21st of October, immediately following the coalition government’s comprehensive spending review, as a commentary upon the state of Britain’s finances. As Wag TV have produced some of my favourite documentaries in recent years, and as Steve may be playing a significant role in this new documentary about the British economy, Cobden Centre subscribers may want to book this date in their diaries for a rare night in with the TV. In the meantime, here is our fourth home-grown radio show:

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  1. says: John

    Great interview! If only you had a national radio show, so that the masses could hear the truth, instead of being fed the BBC’s monopolistic nonsense.

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