Jeffrey Tucker on the future of private money

Episode 67: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Jeffrey Tucker, Publisher & Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books and author of It’s a Jetsons WorldBourbon for Breakfastand A Beautiful Anarchy.

They discuss possible future scenarios regarding private money and trading systems, and discuss how the western world may be about to enter the trailing edge of a financial storm that started in 2008. They argue that we can survive this storm via new private and digital money technologies. Tucker points out that the global communication network is the main driving force of economic progress today.

They cover BitCoin, Lending Clubs, and various forms of gold money along with the inability of governments to keep up with rapidly developing markets. They also discuss the short-term ramifications of the latest US Presidential election, as well as Jeffrey’s move from the Mises Institute to Laissez Faire Books.

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  • Paul Marks says:

    Fiat currencies are ending the end game – but the end game of governments (and the establishment elite in the education system, media, and even much of the financial world – who support fiat money) will be savage.

  • I’m blowing my own trumpet here – one of my few talents.

    I wrote an article recently on bitcoin, local currencies, airmiles and other minor forms of money. I don’t see them competing in any big way with central bank produced money or commercial bank produced money. But I could be wrong. The article is here:

  • Thank-you Andy, great stuff as always from JT. Up here in Vancouver we’ve launched a sound-money solution called The Sovereign Exchange. We issue a gram-denominated ‘tender’ called a Sovereign that is 100% secured by Silver bullion. Sovereigns flow digitally between the member accounts. Members may redeem for physical silver and gold at any point; Settle for Metal. Operationally, its a commercial barter exchange, but in this case, with a giant twist! Our platform allows hard-money investors to mobilize and engage their metal in a silver-hungry B2B marketplace. The site is at sovereignize (dot) net.

  • Ron Helwig says:

    The cards with embedded precious metals discussed at 17:50+ are Shire Silver cards. Check them out at where you can learn how to make your own version (I placed the idea into the public domain when I created it).

  • Paul Marks says:

    Steve Merrell – as long as it really is 100% that is fine (although if it is 100% it might as well be a silver coin – protected from wear and tear by a transparent plastic covering).

    You are certainly better off storing the silver in Canada than you would be in the United States.

    The United States has a nasty history when it comes to the secure private ownership of gold – and history will repeat and expand to silver.

    Of course Canada will not be immune from the international economic decline. And Vancouver is one of the cities where I expect riots at some point over the next couple of years. You might be better to base yourself over at the capital Victoria.

    “You are crazy Paul”.

    Let us hope so.

    After all I have a cousin in Vancouver.

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